A Foot in Two Worlds

May 28, 2020

As I was cooking…

I had an amazing experience with the angels. These spiritual experiences usually happen when I am doing something mundane and am in a relaxed and open state. On this day, I was standing in the kitchen preparing some food, with my laptop on the counter to listen to Andrea Boccelli sing live at the Duomo cathedral in Milan. I was excited to hear this concert, and had it in my calendar so I wouldn’t miss it. The concert was called Music for Hope, and was offered in response to the death and devastation in Italy from the coronavirus. As I listened to his voice, I was so moved by the music, his intentions, and the moment, my heart opened wide, and then…

And then I was transported to the angelic realm. It felt like I was instantly transported in a vortex, and there I was. The angels I know and love met me in what felt like the edge of their realm. I had been specially invited, summoned, and they were in that spot to receive me. There were the very tall angels who have been with me throughout my life, and a loving spirit guide named Ella (more about her in a later post). I was overwhelmed, stunned and star-struck! But they were at ease, having a great time. They surrounded and embraced me, and I surrendered, just melted in love, acknowledgment and joy like I’ve never felt on earth. I couldn’t, I didn’t move. I just stood there and received their extreme love, joy and celebration. They were all very pleased, they were smiling broadly. I can’t write this without smiling and weeping with joy and recognition. It was such an experience, beyond words. 

When my consciousness came back to my kitchen, literally worlds away, I found myself holding onto the counter, tears running down my face, my heart impossibly expanded with love. Andrea Boccelli’s music was continuing on the periphery of my consciousness.

He was still singing! I felt like I was gone the whole afternoon. I forget each time that interdimensional travel is the perfect time management hack. No matter how much happens, the clock reflects that only a few minutes have passed. That experience was literally a gift from the heavens. I cherish it, and what it has left me with. 

I am more aware than ever that the angels are with us, and that they are as real as anything in our world. That we are truly never alone, even though it may feel that way at times. We are not as earth-bound as gravity would have us believe. We can always shift our energy in a flash and have a different experience, transform, heal, or create something new. Our experience of life is much more malleable than it seems. We are truly the creators of our lives. 

Here is the link to the replay of the concertWhen I watched it days later, I experienced not only the exquisite music but also the stunning visuals. Will this music open your heart and transport you? I’d love to hear of your experiences of this music, or with the angels, or your inter dimensional travel. Or just write to connect, I miss seeing you all in the concerts. We all need connection, and I always love to hear from you!