More About Peace

February 1, 2020 When you experience peace throughout your body and mind, all kinds of tensions, pain and problems naturally dissipate. We all have resistance as a natural part of growth, in the cycle of expansion and contraction. When you are able to let resistance melt, when you surrender to the peace that is available at all times, you naturally recalibrate. As recalibration occurs, the aches and pains of life melt away, and a great peace is revealed. You feel more at ease, and this ease radiates out into every aspect of your life. When was the last time you felt this kind of peace? I attained a state of deep inner peace not too long ago, and it has not wavered. It is a remarkable way to live. Life happens, there are interruptions and curfuffles at times. I can get shaken up, but the shaking happens only on the surface of a great, abiding peace. The foundation of peace is unfazed. This experience is available to everyone. The angels would like to help you attain this state of inner peace. Whether you choose a private or group session, they always work with each and every person individually while they hold you in love.