Behind the Scenes: Abundance Comes in Many Forms

I have been working less these days in order to focus on a massive landscape project that started out as an innocent, modest idea. (How many times has that happened?). As a result, I had/have my moments of feeling the lack of income. I prayed for work, and feel that it will come easily when more of my focus becomes available. That transition is happening now.

The landscape project is removing the Himalayan blackberries English ivy from the side and back edge of my property. I’d signed up for the Backyard Habitat Certification Program and in my site visit, I was deemed eligible for certification when I took out these invasive plants.

No time like the present! I interviewed a number of people for the job, asked the Angels to participate in the process, and hired a creative landscape team. They have been opening me up to new ideas for the yard that I love. 

I’d heard from a number of people that beyond the tall blackberry brambles, there is a steep drop-off that goes into a ravine. I know the ravine is there, but surprisingly, there wasn’t a drop-off. So I gained a lot of accessible land that I didn’t know I had with this landscape renovation. It’s an abundance of space and totally unexpected.  I recently saw a post by Mirabai Starr who wrote that she had “unanticipated space” in one of her workshops. That phrase popped out at me and made my whole being resonate. Yes, I am blessed with unanticipated space! When I invite the Angels into my life, into a decision or activity, it always has better results in quite unexpected ways.  

Another way the Angels help me when I’m low on cash is finding great deals. I recently happened to find all of these deals. My wifi bill went down to $30/mo, my cellphone bill went down to $11/mo, I met a fabulous insurance agentwho got me more comprehensive coverage on home and car insurance for barely any increase, and I used Costco printing services for checks and business cards for the first time, saving more than 50%. That’s a good amount of savings, and I am grateful for this abundance! It also reminds me how supported I am all the time. All of the interactions involved with these businesses felt especially good all the way around.

During this time period I also called an online store to ask about a product, and “for no reason at all”, everything seemed hilarious to both the customer service person on the phone and me. We ended up getting into a giant laughing fit together over nothing. It was so great. She said, “What is happening? This never happens”. But it was a point of connection, and pure joy took over, and all kinds of stress we were both holding melted away. An abundance of healing in a simple, short interaction over the phone.

The Angels are available to everyone, all the time. They aren’t human beings with judgements or office hours. They really are here for us at all times, in every circumstance. You can invite them in by simply asking for their presence. You don’t have to be able to see or hear them or know their names or change your tone. Just ask for their Divine presence in your life, aloud if you can. And if you have a situation you are struggling with, you can ask them to come in and be a part of that situation, ask for their help, and promise yourself that you’ll listen and feel for their presence. And then just relax and breathe, letting life flow through the situation, and everyone involved, and see what happens. 

I’d love to hear of your experiences!