Behind the Scenes: Asking for Help & Receiving Support

July 1, 2019

I was taught from a young age that there would be no support for me. I was on my own. And, there weren’t any words for it at the time, but I was, and am, an empath, a highly sensitive person, an intuitive, and I have a fantastic group of Angels with me.

The usual places that people go to for help or guidance or even training have never worked for me. I tried and tried, and I succeeded on the outer level, but it rang hollow inside. I finally came to a place in my life when I surrendered completely to the Angel’s grace. I made a strong decision to just be myself and live with them. 

And with that, I also decided that I wanted and deserved support and was ready to receive it. I starting dreaming into a new life for myself that included support with every endeavor, whether it was breaking old patterns or finding my dream home. I was very clear that I wanted support with everything.

Since I had been in a long-standing pattern of going it alone, I am constantly reminding myself  at each turn that support is possible. I open myself to the possibility, then surrender any struggle or worry. And then acknowledge the help when it shows up. This is not always a smooth and easy process, so it’s a good thing that perfection is not required!

Well, so far so many delightful small things have happened to support me. And some big things, like my dream home/studio/farm (more about that miracle another time).

Surrender is always a part of bringing through the Angels, of living in a state of grace, and of receiving life’s support.

I am so grateful for every bit of support now. 

Last week I decided to give my car some good attention. It needed an oil change, and a thorough cleaning after hauling stinky burlap bags and bales of straw for the garden. I found a coupon for an oil change and inspection at a place close by, and got that done. On the way home, I stopped at a car wash and asked if I could pay just to use the vacuum. They said no, but since they weren’t busy I could use it for free. I inwardly acknowledged the support! There was a sign that said to only use it for 10 minutes, but I really needed it longer, and no one was around, so I really gave my car a good cleaning. I acknowledged getting just what I needed. But this was no ordinary vacuum time. With the help of the Angels, I could feel that with every minute of vacuuming, my past, on all levels, was being thoroughly cleaned out of my field.

I bought my car new in 1991. I went to the dealer in Berkeley, CA alone and was literally shaking at making such a big purchase for myself. Of course, the Angels were with me, and I got an unheard of deal on it without even trying. (A very funny story for another newsletter). By now, my trusty car has seen me through so many moves and life-changes. I cleaned out my whole past with that vacuum session. When I got in my car to drive home, I was gleaming and so was the beautiful marine blue interior of my car.

Inviting the Angels in often means going deeper, getting all that is possible on every level from every experience, and often comes with surprises. Talk about support! They are always here to help. You can call on them anytime to receive their grace and support.