I have lived closely with Angels all my life. I am a born intuitive, empath and highly sensitive person. Growing up in a great deal of emotional pain, the Angels were the ones comforting and loving me through it all. For that reason, I was one of those rare children who never lost that deep connection. To this day, my inner life is strong and clear, no matter the outer circumstances. That connection is what I bring to Voice of the Angels Readings, Angelic Sound Healing sessions and concerts, and paintings. 

I discovered Sound Healing twenty five years ago through direct experiences connecting with the Angels and playing with sound out in nature. I am a Certified Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer, and a Reiki Master. I use Tibetan bowls and instruments, quartz crystal bowls, and voice. I am also a life-long artist, having worked as a jewelry designer and fabricator, a potter, and now a painter of sound & energy.

All of this preparation has led me to offer Voice of the Angels Readings for people. This offering brings together everything I have learned, as I serve as a clear channel and translator for the Angels. It is the greatest honor to be in this role, something I’ve worked toward my entire life. Their grace, presence, wisdom and accuracy are astounding.

"The Angel Reading was enlightening and powerful.
Shantara easily connected with the Angels, and communicated everything with grace.
And she gave me an empowering method to help me trust my own guidance for answers.
I left the session feeling complete and stronger."

Shantara Grace

Voice of the Angels Readings, Sound Healings and Paintings

Angel Readings

Voice of the Angels Readings offer a rare chance to speak to and hear from the Angels directly. Bring a few questions on any topic and receive their grace, wisdom, and insight.


Representations of sound, energy, and beautiful states of being fill these canvases. The Angels imbue their grace in each painting. They bring calm and vitality into homes and workplaces.

Angelic Concerts

When you come to an Angelic Sound Healing Concert, you experience spontaneous, effortless meditation and healing in a group setting. The Angels fill the room as you relax. Each concert is unique and customized to each group of people.