Concerts with Class

Concerts with Class™
meet Thursdays, March 22 - April 12th 2018
7 - 9pm
Hillsdale, Portland, Oregon

These are interactive, fun classes where you can learn about different states of being, meditation, pranayama (the breath) and more. Shantara will teach from her 25 years of experience as a Sound Healer. These small, intimate classes create the opportunity to receive individual attention.


Each class will have a meditation concert as part of it. You will get a chance to understand and discover more about your experiences in the concert and how to bring an increased awareness into your daily life. You will learn about your own energy, how to listen to it and shift it as needed. You may find yourself moving about in the world with new perspective and approach. 


For those of you who have experienced Meditation Concerts with Shantara, similar frequencies will be used. There will be time for your own healing during each session. As you come to class each week, your system adjusts to being in alignment with these frequencies. Over time, you notice results in your body, your mind, behavior, relationships and life. The teachings will also offer you tools to carry this work into your life.


Private sessions are available for those who want a deeper experience, or who want to work through a larger, core issue.

EarlyBird registration is in effect until March 10
Small class size, limited seating
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