Connection in Grace

November 23, 2019

I’ve played sound healing concerts for all kinds of groups for a long time. But there has been a shift recently, and the concerts have become stronger in grace and connection.

People have been able to shed more “noise” and reach a state of pure and simple grace. A deeply quiet state of being that leaves you speechless. This state of being is rare in these times, and one to savor. It is in this state of stillness that healing happens, and that alignment with our souls and the Divine occurs. 

A note about the “noise” that obscures this experience of grace. We all collect it like dust collects on our favorite possessions. Where does dust come from and why is it there again when I just cleaned it up a few weeks ago? Ha! It’s part of life, and it’s really the same in our energy field. The dust is made up of our own unsettled thoughts, others’ thought patterns that we picked up, insignificant annoyances, the whispers of our heart that we haven’t made time to listen to, things we feel conflicted about that remain below the surface, etc., etc., etc. Dust. Sound healing provides a thorough dusting (and even vacuuming) and we are left with the core of who we are, steeped in grace.

We are also left with inner and outer peace and quiet. What a relief! It is quite stunning, really. And it allows all levels, from our cells, organs and muscles to our mind and heart, to relax. When we relax at this deep level, the comfort of it allows us to feel more deeply. We are safe in this space, can breathe easier, and feel and see who we are.

We are grand creators, throbbing with life, as each heartbeat rings through the us. We are clear enough to see what is possible and to make choices based on  the whispers of our hearts and spirits. In this way, we can not only change the course of our lives, but we can join our grace in connection others, with the earth, and make a difference in our world.