A Word about Peace

When I was growing up, in a situation that seemed impossible, I often asked the angels what the point was. And they would often say, “none of this is what it seems to be”. This was oddly comforting to me, and I hoped that it was true. Even as a toddler, I could see that life couldn’t possibly be defined by what I saw in front of me. But I had no idea what was really going on.

And now, in my wisdom years, I have reached a state of peace that I was craving as a toddler and throughout my life. All the pain and confusion has transformed into peace. I have been feeling this develop and build over the past few years, but during a family visit last month, I had the chance to see how strong it is. It was effortless to be anchored in peace, even in an environment of drama. No triggers, no stress, no effort, just peace. 

Sometimes peace is equated with acting nice, or being calm. But real inner peace has nothing to do with nice, in fact just the opposite is true. As with many things in life, the two sides of the same coin are both integral to its strength. Developing and maintaining inner peace requires tenacity and fierce energies. 

The attainment of inner peace is real freedom. 

We each have different journeys, challenges, setbacks and achievements to inner peace. And we each approach it with different lenses of our personalities and our purposes, or lessons. Those of us who have abuse or trauma in our past can have vestiges of these experiences stored in our bodies, our minds and/or our hearts. Trauma is an immersive experience, touching all parts of ourselves. It can take tenacity and a fierce courage to unwind from the trauma, leave it behind (even though it is what is most familiar) and become willing to open up to a new life. This isn’t work that has any room for being nice. This is fierce work.

Many people, including me, have mastered this journey from trauma to inner peace. We emerge from this fire strong and resilient, with expanded awareness and the freedom that peace brings.

Living in love, in the energy of grace and peace is our birthright. It is the way of nature. It’s possible, and it’s also a way toward world peace. It is a path of many miracles.