Transformational Sound Healing with the Angels
Private Sessions for Women

" Thank you for the powerful changes that happened in the sound sessions with you and the bowls. I am so grateful that enough energy was released, opening the way to communication with my son. We had been estranged for so long, and it weighed on me. I am forever grateful. "
Judy, private client

About The sound

I use Tibetan singing bowls, bells, crystal singing bowls, guided meditations and my voice. Through decades of working with sound, I have learned how to use it as a conduit for the Angels. The effects are felt instantly. When used over time, the mind/body/spirit becomes familiar with it. You start to open up to the sound, let it in at deeper levels, and let it work on you. Lives change, you breathe easier, laugh more, relax. 

The process

Sound healing is a great way to dissolve blocks and resistance, paving the way for more enjoyment in life. It  is a treatment for the nervous system and helps shift energy, often resulting in profound realizations felt on a visceral level. The Angels guide the session. Changes that you’ve wanted for a long time unfold in your life. The best results are obtained with a minimum of four sessions.

On Zoom

Private sound healing is happening now on Zoom. As with many experiences, we are adapting from in-person to meeting digitally. The results from the sessions on Zoom have been very similar to in-person. 

For the best experience, please use headphones or earbuds. I will send you a professional recording of your customized session that you can use on your own.