Sound Healing is offered as an aspect of the Angel Readings.
It is a powerful treatment for the nervous system, often relieves pain, and restores deep connection.

" Thank you for the powerful changes that happened in the sound sessions with you and the bowls. I am so grateful that enough energy was released, opening the way to communication with my son. We had been estranged for so long, and it weighed on me. I am forever grateful. "
Judy, private client

The Bowls

I use Tibetan singing bowls, bells, guided meditations and my voice. Through the decades of working with sound, I have learned how to use it as a conduit for the Angels. The effects are felt instantly.


These private sound healing sessions happen when guided by the Angels in the course of a reading. When a treatment for the nervous system or help with an energy shift is necessary, sound healing is used. This can happen either on Zoom video or in person. 

On the table

When indicated, sound sessions can occur on a massage table, where you are fully clothed, under a blanket. The bowls are put around and on top of your body and your hands. This creates an immersion experience that is deeply relaxing and transcendent.

Shantara Grace



I am fascinated by translating frequencies of sound, energies, and states of being into color. I offer customized paintings to bring balance & healing to individuals, families and workplaces. 


We are wired to respond to sounds and vibrations in our environment. The plethora of different textures of sounds in a forest or at the ocean help us to open up to our whole selves, feeling life beyond our minds. 


Private sessions are an immersive experience of sound healing tailored to you. I use Tibetan singing bowls, several other instruments including bells, and intuitive counseling, to foster transformational healing.


When you come to a Meditation Concert, you experience spontaneous, effortless meditation and healing in a group setting. ]These are always unique, as I give a customized experience to each group of people.

"I originally came to the concerts for physical healing, but after that was achieved in a few concerts, I wanted healing at deeper levels, as I realized that my emotional and spiritual life was out of balance."