Living in the Eye of the Storm

The overturned roots of a tree blown over by a storm. Death and destruction transforms into art!

September 6, 2020

These are stormy times. Exciting, chaotic, beautiful, intense, scary at times, storms always stir things up. They can leave destruction in their paths, and can change lives.

We are always at one with nature, whether we are aware of it or not. As nature expresses through storms, fires, hurricanes, floods, etc., we feel it all at some level. This is even more pronounced for sensitives and empaths. The truth is, we are all connected. Every minute of every day, we are living together with nature, with all of humanity, with all of life.

And, as we are stirred up, a lot comes to the surface to be seen in the light of truth. And these truths can be really difficult to face! There are multiple crises happening now simultaneously. All of what is happening, happens on all levels, inside each of us, and in our world. There are people awakening to love, and people ramped up to start a civil war. Due to the effects of Covid-19, some people are sick or have died, some are overworked, some were abruptly unemployed. Some people found themselves suddenly home with their whole family living closer than they had ever intended, and other people are left totally alone and isolated. Do you sometimes feel like the overturned roots of the tree in the photo? Well, here we are.

Everything being stirred up and the resultant chaos can be so confusing as well. What news sources to believe? What about all that is left out of the news? What is being distorted, overblown? What is real? What is important? Where is my attention?

I’ve learned a few things about chaos from being an artist. There is a phase in the creation of a brand new piece where it isn’t clear what is happening or how it’s going to turn out. This is the chaotic phase. It could turn out badly, or a “mistake” could be just the thing that makes it all work. This phase of unknowingness can be resolved quickly or be stubborn to the point of needing to put it aside and start something new. However it rolls, I had to learn early on to roll with it, to accept it, if I wanted to do truly original work. It is an intrinsic part of the creative process.

This phase of chaos and unknowing is where we are right now. It is a time of opportunity, of creation, of manifestation. It is rich and messy and uncomfortable. We might rather it be smooth sailing, we might not like all this upheaval. But it is part of the creative process, and we are blessed (yes, blessed!) with this time to create anew. It is a great opportunity, and the way through is to embrace it fully, accept it, jump in and use this time to create a better world.

At a time of creation, a necessary step is to accept the current reality while also changing it. And that’s a delicate dance right there! The great news is that this dance can take place in the eye of the storm. You can live in the eye of the storm. It is place of inner peace and deep stillness, right in the middle of the swirling chaos and dramas. As they unfold all around you, you remain stable and at peace.

For me, especially these days, it is a constant practice to stay in the eye of the storm and not get caught up in the chaotic swirl. It is challenging to not get thrown off or even traumatized by shocking news or events. I set aside time to walk, sit and work outside. The birds, bees and butterflies show me the way to the stillness. The wind in the trees, all the different shades of green and brown call me home. Once you have experienced the quiet stillness of peace, you can find your way back. The angels are great at helping with this. When you want help, simply ask for their help with great sincerity. Ask to drop into a deep state of peace and stillness. And then surrender, let go, relax and receive their help.

As more and more of us stand strong in the eye of the storm, in this peace, it has a real impact on our world. We can be a stabilizing force in the world, each of us being a beacon of peace, no matter what is happening around us. We also become a stabilizing force for the earth herself. The earth is a being, and as we are healed by being in nature, she is also affected by us. When we are in chaos she feels this and sometimes has to let off steam. We are related, interdependent, and so we are responsible. By being a beacon of peace, we can also help quell the fires, calm the hurricanes, floods, droughts and other extreme climate events we are having. We can send out our heartfelt prayers, and when we feel it is right, we can also align our actions to create a more loving way to live on the earth. The shutdown from the pandemic has shown that our air is cleaner and our neighborhoods are quieter without driving and flying around so much. That is just one small example of how our actions affect our environment. So much is possible.

The angels encourage us all to go into our hearts and envision the best version of our world. Envision it as you would like it to be. Pray for it all, from deep in your heart. Every single prayer is heard.

PS – I am praying for and working on the upcoming election. Please vote on November 3rd.


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Astrological Update

Kate Fotopoulos is back with her astrological insights:

If you think that it’s been a bumpy road in the last month trying to move forward toward your goals, well you’re right. In August, Mars, the planet that wants us to fast forward into action, formed squares (challenging aspects) first with Jupiter, then Pluto, then Saturn, the three outer planets that have been traveling together through the sign of Capricorn, which wants us to move slowly and deliberately.

Warrior Mars in the fire sign of Aries is like the kid that shouts, “I want it, and I want it right now!” The parental Capricorn energies answer, “No, it’s not time yet, you need to wait.”

Step on the gas. Hit the brake.

Feel like you’re being jerked around?

We’ve had a short respite since Mars cleared its square with Saturn on 8/24, but the red planet will be slowing to a halt this week before it stations retrograde on Wednesday 9/9 and begins its movement backwards for the next couple of months, during which time it will once again trigger the Capricorn energies, this time in reverse: first Saturn, then Pluto, then Jupiter.

If you have planets in your natal chart between 15 and 28 degrees of any of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn) you’ll really be feeling this. Do whatever you need to take care of yourself through this period.

Know that even though you may feel frustrated by them at times, the Capricorn planets are really here to support you. Jupiter teaches you by asking the question, in whatever area it’s transiting in your chart, “How have you been underestimating yourself?” Pluto works at a deep soul level, helping you to evolve and transform. Saturn is about maturing and mastery.

What might make this leg of the journey a little bit smoother is that the Sun, which is now traveling through the earth sign of Virgo until 9/22, will be making harmonious connections with these three planets in the earth sign of Capricorn, bringing a sense of stability, and perhaps finally giving us some traction.

On 9/9, the same day that Mars stations retrograde, the Sun will meet up with Jupiter’s expansive energies. On 9/14, the Sun and Pluto will connect, bringing light to the shadowy areas of our psyche.

There will be an incredibly powerful New Moon on 9/17, where the Sun and Moon in Virgo will share the same degree as Saturn in Capricorn. New Moons are about planting seeds, beginning cycles, and this connection to Saturn, if we back up our intentions with ACTION, can bring about magical manifestations.

We need to harness the detail-oriented practicality of Virgo to keep things simple and focused, to avoid becoming distracted.

Saturn points out where we have work to do. How we show up, the level of commitment we bring over the next few months, will determine the quality of rewards we can look forward to at the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the December Solstice.

Are you committed to honoring your calling, to moving from ideas into action? Use the time of the New Moon wisely.


Kate Fotopoulos
The Star Whisperer

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