Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

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November 9, 2019

What are your heart’s true desires?

Desire is natural and important for everyone. It’s what motivates us and draws us forward to improve ourselves, to educate ourselves, expand our horizons and to grow.

Some spiritual traditions frown on desires, but everyone has desires and always will because they help propel us forward and grow. Our desires show us what we really want, and what is important to us.

Our desires might be for enlightenment, more wealth, health, happiness, awakening, love or inner peace. It might be for something like a house or a car. It might be for a way of life, or a state of being, like love, a relationship, feeling free of old patterns, or to have a quality of peace in your heart.

You simply need a desire for the result, and the right conditions for the desires to take hold and grow. Just like planting seeds in the garden. We start with good seeds, provide all the right conditions in concert with nature, and then we hold the intention of the harvest. All need to do after that is trust the process, have faith in nature, and have patience, knowing that the seeds are growing, even when we can’t see them.

Manifesting your desires works much the same way. When you reach a deep level of peace and experience the fertile silence and stillness that the Universe resides in, you can broadcast your intentions, and allow your manifest desires to show up in your life. It is very real, and it doesn’t require any pain or suffering. In fact, it feels like bliss. It is an “all gain, no pain” approach.
A concert with the angels is a great place to get in touch with and manifest your desires. Each concert begins with a teaching from the angels. And, the deep stillness and silence that you are left with after the concert is fertile soil for your true desires and intentions.

The concerts have been so deep recently, that the time afterwards that used to be filled with sharing and asking questions has turned into a time of sitting in deep meditation together. These moments immersed in this silence and stillness are rare and precious. There are no words in this beautiful state of being. The recent concert-goers have shown me to allow the silence.

So we will savor the silence, and we can energize our intentions and desires in this state of being, so they can grow in this great, fertile energy. As soon as you have a clear desire, the Universe begins bringing it to you.