Meditation Concerts with the Angels

Respite for the soul.   Nourishment for the nervous system.    Renewal for the body.

Welcome to an immersion experience in beauty and grace.

Sound healing is an extraordinary way to reach a meditative state effortlessly. The angels will join us and work with each person individually during the concert. 

We will be working with your intentions for healing during each concert. Prepare your intentions in advance to share with the group. We all will all focus together on your intentions for healing for part of the concert. The group energy amplifies your experience of meditation and the power of your intention.

Concerts will be held on Zoom. Please wear headphones or earbuds to enhance the experience.

"Mind blowing. Can’t wait to come back."

"I came for some physical healing. I was in such pain that I didn’t know if I would make it here tonight. As soon as the sound started, I felt this flood of energy – now the pain is totally gone. I’ll be back!"

"The experience was so beautiful and relaxing. I was in a place beyond words – I don’t know what to say, but it was so beautiful."