Color Immersion Series

Simultaneously calming and vibrant, these original paintings are designed to help you heal. Their depth create a strong presence in any home or office.

Sound Current Series

If you could see sound, this is what it could look like! Each painting is a representation of a still life of sound and energy, connecting us to these vibrations in our world.

My Painting Process

I’ve used paint to express my inner life since I was a child. As far back as I can remember, I used my hands and materials to express my soul. My affinity for art was born of necessity, as it was my only outlet of expression as a child, and the only way I could see a reflection of who I was. I developed an easily accessible way to go into meditation where I could paint and make crafts. At first I used whatever materials were available. When I was older, I used oil paints until I discovered acrylics, and that is still my favorite medium to use on canvas.

The process I call Paint Your Inner Landscape™ came about organically, from painting while in the meditative state. I allowed myself to surrender to this process of intuitive expression. The paintings you see on this website are examples of some of my work using this approach. This is also the title of a workshop I teach on how to paint with this intuitive process.

“As far back as I can remember, I used my hands and materials to express my soul.”