Why I Do the Hard Stuff

This is a painting of Archangel Michael. Healing often requires fierceness, sharp focus and the willingness to do the hard stuff.

I was talking to a colleague who shared with me that she liked clients with easy problems, maybe some insecurities or lack of self-esteem, nothing too heavy.
And I said, “really?” “I like the hard stuff, the angst, the pain, PTSD, past abuse, bad relationships, and people who have tried all the doctors and are still in pain”. She said, “really”? “Why would you sign up for that, it’s so much harder”? 
I had to think about it for a minute, because this is what I feel made for, what I am compelled to do, so I hadn’t asked myself why. There are many reasons, I guess. 
1. I can relate. I have been through so much, it feels like I’ve experienced most everything, or enough that I can relate to all the issues people come to me with. So much of my life has shaped, trained and prepared me for this. I am not scared to see the deep, dark places. I’ve been there. I’m not scared to be with the dying, bringing the healing. I’ve been there too.
2. This work is fulfilling because I see that it works. I see results, lives transformed, pain alleviated, ease restored. I keep saying that I want to take before and after photos, and one day I will do it. Because people’s faces and even their posture look totally different after a series of sessions. A whole new person emerges, and that new person affects all the people they interact with too. Everyone can see this shift, and it changes relationships. 
I’m here to make things better, and this is one way I can use all of my experience and skills to lessen at least some of the pain in this world.
3. I enjoy a challenge to rise up and meet. It reminds me of who I am and shows me what I’m made of. And, it’s just more interesting to unwind a problem and bring the healing.

4. I can put my empathic, highly sensitive and intuitive abilities to very good use! I have had these abilities all my life, but they change from challenges to gifts when I use them in session. So, when I “see” the energy stuck, or loosening up, or shifting, it takes no effort, and I am so happy to be using these abilities!
5. I do all of my sessions in concert with the angels. I get to see my clients through the eyes of the angels. I see the shining radiance within every person I work with. I stand in the grace of the angels when I am working. We are in the waterfall of grace during the whole of each session. 
6. Healing is not always a breeze. People who come for healing may have a lot of pain and struggle. There is often some “heavy lifting” to do. But angels are fierce and powerful in their light. What a joy, what an honor to be a part of this! So, I love it, and I’m made for this, and it’s needed. That’s why I do it. And, I’ve made this my life’s work.