Angel Sessions for Women

Private sessions

Transformative sound healing sessions 

Private sessions: Shantara Grace is a gifted angel intuitive offering private sessions for women who are ready to build empowered lives. You may want to take a stronger role in your life and want guidance along the way. You may be highly sensitive or empathic and want to learn how to master your sensitivities. You may be in emotional pain, or recovering from abuse. Whatever your situation, if you want help from the angelic realms, I can bring the angels to you.

The format is much like a deep conversation, where you will share your concerns and issues, and the angels will be there for you and offer guidance. They also offer meditative energy exercises that we may do in the session, and that you can do on your own as a spiritual practice in your life. These exercises shift your energy to become more aligned with your heart and your own connection to the Divine. 

Private Transformative sound healing sessions: These sessions are each unique, and customized to what you need in your growth. They are designed to give you an experience of the deep stillness and silence where all healing happens. The frequencies of the singing bowls together with the help of the angels offers an effortless way to heal and grow as they release stress and allow profound relaxation. In this state of being, you can shift in ways that are difficult to access otherwise.

These sessions will also include guidance and exercises to empower you to create the change in yourself and the life that you want. A professional level recording of the sound healing is included for you to enjoy anytime.

All sessions with the angels are focused on supporting your personal and spiritual growth, and what you are learning and creating right now in your life. By booking a session or program, you agree to be sincere and honest, participate fully in the experience, and receive what the angels bring as much as you can. We are in this session together and your participation is a crucial factor in receiving a supportive, loving experience. A lot can happen in these sessions, and most people are amazed and delighted with their experience and the effect this work has on their lives.