What is sound healing? 

Using sound for healing brings you home to the place that healing happens. In this deep, relaxed state, you have the opportunity to heal from the many challenges of life. 

The singing bowls and Tibetan instruments I use produce sounds that are beyond the ordinary. These instruments are designed for meditation, for healing and for awakening. They are considered sacred objects, and produce very special vibrations. When combined with focused intention, their sound can penetrate our ordinary reality. Working with them offers a unique opportunity to transform with greater speed and ease.

Why is sound healing so effective?

We are made of vibration, as is everything in our world. We are wired to respond to sounds and vibrations in our environment. The plethora of different textures of sounds in a forest or at the ocean help us to open up to our whole selves, feeling life beyond our minds. Sitting by a babbling creek is a healing experience because we attune to the vibration and sound of the water, the rocks, the birds.

Bernie Krause, a soundscape ecologist, records wildlife sounds. He has documented how wildlife sounds in the same spot have diminished as a result of  climate change, logging, pollution and other human activity over the past forty years. We are missing the sounds that ground and help us expand, to sort out our troubles and answer our deepest questions. The absence of nature sounds is something we don’t even know we are missing, but it is affecting our wellbeing, our happiness, and our worldview. When I play the bowls for people, they remember what they didn’t realize they had forgotten. The way I work with the bowls brings you to that place where healing happens effortlessly and naturally. All you need to do is show up.

How did I become a Sound Healer? 

As a highly sensitive person growing up in a very difficult situation, I craved a sense of peace and wellbeing. I developed a keen skill in meditation by necessity. It was a way to escape the pain, and also to bring me to a place that I knew as “home”. I was also always painting or making crafts. These skills never left me, and to this day, I practice the same meditation techniques I did as a child. And I never stopped making art – it is still my refuge and my joy.

I discovered sound healing spontaneously during an extended self-guided meditation retreat in the woods where no one could hear me. A powerful sound came out of my mouth that felt like the primordial sound of the universe. I was astonished and deeply moved. I allowed it to continue during daily meditations, especially outside in the woods. After some time, I expanded by adding instruments. I made a frame drum, bought a Tibetan bell, and found a very old, large Tibetan singing bowl. With these beautiful instruments and my voice, I began to work with Sound Healing. I bought a large set of quartz crystal bowls, a full set of Tibetan bowls, became certified in Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing, and became a Reiki Master.


Begin Your Journey

It is a great joy for me to share this state of meditation and healing with others through intuitive counseling and sound healing sessions. My private clients show up with so much courage to be vulnerable, and to take the healing and use it to transform their minds, bodies and lives. Meditation concerts are sound healing for groups. These are always unique, as I respond and give a customized experience to each group of people.