The Power That Never Goes Out

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New spring daffodils daring to bloom, right before the wind, ice and snow storms.

Oh, so much is happening! So much, that as a very sensitive, highly empathic person, it can be overwhelming. I thought I was hibernating until a fierce storm hit Portland (and much of the rest of the country). Huge winds, then huge winds with a big ice storm, then 8-10 inches of snow in a place that doesn’t know how to deal with snow. No internet, no electricity, not even any mail, and cold! My animal instincts kicked in, and I began next-level hibernation. I got all the emergency supplies out, filled my refrigerator and freezer with snow, and decided to accept the circumstances. The house was around 50 degrees or so. I hunkered down in my coat and ski hat, wrapped in blankets with my hot water bottle on my lap and settled in. 

Honestly, it was a relief to be away from the buzz of electricity and internet. My inner monk was delighted and I ended up having a grand spiritual experience from the safety of my couch. I did some circular breathing, and usedthe new recording I had just made to deeply relax. I went into the deep stillness and silence.

I listened to the quiet whispers of my heart. I could feel and see that I had taken on the turmoil and conflict of the world without realizing it, and was so relieved to have everything completely shut down. No cars, no mail, no electronics, no electricity, no light pollution. And the special muffled silence and filtered white light that the snow provided was a gift. 

The shutdown was a great relief to my sensitive nervous system. I rested deeply, not realizing how tired I had become. I went to bed each night at sundown and got up with the new day. I heard a pack of coyotes howling in the night, they were close. I thought about the relief it must be for all the wildlife to enjoy the environment as it is naturally, without streetlights, traffic, or the constant electric hum.

I wanted a reading from the angels, like I give to other people. So, I asked for one, and began the opening prayer, calling them in. I have to laugh as I write this next bit, because it was so fantastic and spectacular, in a distinctly angelic way. 

The angels arrived in force, with what I could only call extreme glee. They were elated, grinning ear to ear, pleased as punch to be there and deliver the answer to my prayer.

Then I “saw” my torso become orange, then it started to glow, and it got more intense, a very big orange glow. I began to feel warm, then really, really warm! As I peeled off one of my layers, I started laughing. I said out loud, “I am a radiator!” There was a lot of laughing at that point, across dimensions. What a contrast between what I had felt like just a few minutes before their arrival! They were so giggly and happy that my mood was instantly lifted. 

They said, “YOU are filled with life force, THIS is power!”And I sat there, generating heat like a furnace, with a big smile on my face. Then I saw white light shooting from me in all directions, sending light waves far and wide. I was radiating powerful heat and light. Yes, I was indeed a radiator!

“Yes, THIS is power!”, they said. All the while, the angels were lifting my energy, raising my vibration, clearing me out, giving me a tuneup. Their glee and unrestrained exuberance was intoxicating. Their love was overwhelming, just writing about it makes me tear up. I was transported, ecstatic, warm and filled with love. 

Soon after this experience the “power” came back on, and in that moment, I made myself a promise. I will rest more, check in to make sure I “turn the power on” in my secret radiator, and care for my sensitive nervous system much, much more during this time of intense change in our world. And of course, call in the angels, who are happy (gleeful even) to come in for any and all help. They have never, ever let me down.

I haven’t yet experienced anything on this earth like their love, so I don’t know if it’s possible.
Who knows, maybe life will surprise me!

Angelic Concert 
I created a beautiful concert recording on request, and it is now available for purchase.

If you have been wanting to relax deeply to the sound of the bowls and the great energies of the angels, you’ll love this recording. 

Feb 14, 2021  Concert, $17, available here.