We’re all here in love

March 20, 2020

Happy Spring Everyone!

I have suspended all the concerts with the angels to respect the physical distancing guidelines in response to the global coronavirus outbreak. I hope that you are all well, or are resting and spending some time out in the sun or in a sunbeam if you are indoors.

It is a exceptionally gorgeous start to spring this year, and such a blessing, to uplift our spirits and nourish us with the life-giving power of the sun. The plum blossoms in the photo above are from my yard, and they have the most divine scent. As do the hyacinths, and many other early spring flowers. If you can go outdoors on a walk, please stop and take in the beauty and scent of the flowers. They are here to share love and inspiration with all of us. Let them know you appreciate them!

If you are saddened or discouraged by the news of the coronavirus or anything else in our world today, please take a break from it and if you can, sit directly on the ground or on a rock, and put your hands or feet on the earth and intend to drain off all of your fears, grief, worry, sadness, or any other upsets. You can cleanse yourself in this very simple, available way. If you can’t get out onto the soil, you can hold a rock as a vehicle to do the same thing. Or you can take a bath with epsom salts, and if you wish, a few drops of lavender essential oil (added to the salts first, then to the water). Mostly, intend to drain off all the excess emotion, and allow yourself to let it go.

Then, bring in the light. You can bring in some inspiration for this from flowers, our bright sun and sky, music, your own singing, and mostly your intention. And when you bring the light in, allow it to fill you until you are overflowing, and allow it to flow from you. Then, enjoy feeling this lightness and joy and go on with your day. Do this as often as needed to stay in a light, joyous space.

In these times of reduced human activity, nature is thriving. The canals in Venice have cleared of pollution, and fish, dolphins and swans are now swimming in them! The air is clearer, in China the difference is so striking it can be seen from space. Lake Michigan is so clear that shipwrecks can be seen from space. I know my neighborhood is much quieter, less cars and more people walking. My prayer is that we take note of this and choose to keep the earth, sky and water cleaner from now on. We are an innovative species – we can find a way!

The increased isolation from the lockdowns is also giving us a break from the frenzy. We can breathe, take walks, spend time with our family or alone, and see more clearly what is important in our lives. We might re-evaluate our lifestyles, our values, what we thought was necessary before and what we think now.

And, this pandemic won’t go on forever. The more we focus on the beauty and love, both inside and out, the faster it will be gone. This is a virus that thrives on fear. There is a heightened amount of fear swirling around our world right now. Remember, we are the creators. We can choose to focus on beauty and love, and in this way, the fear, and the virus, have nothing to feed on. I’ve seen people in my neighborhood come together to take care of each other in various ways. Some professional musicians have even been playing on their porches at announced times so that neighbors can delight in the music without crowds. I’ve thought of offering outdoor concerts – let me know if you’d be interested!

And, of course, hand-washing, physical distancing, and all of those guidelines are important to honor.