The [Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing] session was amazing. It literally took me to a different place. Still can’t believe it was an hour. I realized that I need to let “the old me ” go.  The way I used to feel, the way I used to think and act does not exist anymore. You are amazing at what you do!!! Thank you

Sandy, CHT

I felt a sense of merging with the sound, and a sense of coming home. I felt a sense of my own, vibrating self. It was an emotional experience, full of joy. I recommend it to everyone!

Orice, Craniosacral Practitioner


Being on Shantara’s massage table, I felt that I was held in vast space, floating with the sounds of the bowls resonating with sensations that arose deep within my body.  There were times when I felt the sounds invited sensation and times when the sensations arose simultaneous with the sounds of the bowl.  While I was intimately aware of these sensations, I also felt I was at a great distance from them.  My training tells me that this sort of meta-cognition provides a deep sense of individuality as well as inter-being.  As a Chaplain, I am often present with deep emotions – mine and others.  These sessions with Shantara enhanced my sense of remaining both fully present and able to hold a container for others’ experience. Our conversations prior to the session set a tone that Shantara skillfully employed during the time we shared together.  Shantara is an amazing midwife to this deep experience of soul birth and rebirth.


Rev. Michele Tae, Buddhist Chaplain

After one session with Shantara, I was delighted to find that I had no fear of flying! My awareness of my anxiety reactions increased, and I was able to shift to more peace on the spot. My sleep has improved. She suggested a series of four sessions, which I am gladly doing.

Deryn Issac


During the private sessions with Shantara, I found that the resonance created allowed me to completely let go of old trauma that I had previously worked on throughout my adult life using many different modalities (both traditional and holistic). Physically, I had an abdominal cyst that had grown quite large and was painful.  During the course of my sessions with Shantara, the cyst felt smaller and softer to the touch and the pain subsided.  This was confirmed by my doctor, who said I did not need any further follow-up visits

Cyndi, Speech Therapist

After attending weekly Meditation Concerts for months. I had amazing and almost instant relief from chronic arthritis pain, and can now breathe easily after suffering from COPD. I had previously tried many doctors and prescription medications, and had also tried acupuncture and physical therapy, without relief. I originally came to the concerts for physical healing, but after that was achieved in a few concerts, I wanted healing at deeper levels, as I realized that my emotional and spiritual life was out of balance. In private sessions, the sound healing was so profound it often had me in tears. We covered all aspects of life in the intuitive counseling, and each time, I went through changes for the better. My life changed so much during the months I was in weekly sessions, including my relationships at work, at home and my relationship with myself. They all cleared up and became very positive. I am now happy, I smile easily, and and I’m not in pain. My whole life feels better. I am so grateful to have found Shantara and all that she offers. The sound healing she does is life-saving!

Tim, Accountant


I have just completed a four-session series of Tibetan Bowl Sound healings with Shantara. I feel whole, loved and blessed – I feel as though parts of me have come together to make me whole in a way I have not felt since I was a child. I will never forget this experience or the information given to me by Shantara. Thank you. I am in a peaceful, loving and appreciative place that I have not felt in many years.

Pat, Retired Police Officer


I am eternally Grateful to Shantara for helping me excavate and invigorate my new found Life! You are a Tremendous Blessing for ushering humanity into our next evolution of potential! With Love and Gratitude, Alica C [After Angel Sessions]

Angel Sessions with Shantara have profoundly impacted my life. The insights and wisdom that have come out of each one of these sessions have brought me to a more open space and given me tools to navigate complex and stressful situations. I am also so grateful for the guided meditative imagery that Shantara led me through, as it has created space in my life for a more grounded relationship with the world around me. Through these sessions and since, I have begun to cultivate a sanctuary within myself that I can always go back to and that is truly remarkable. 


I haven’t been this relaxed in years. It was amazing just to feel myself.

What a transformation. [after a sound concert]


This is my fifth concert. As soon as the sound started, my breathing deepened without any effort. I have COPD, so this is significant. It felt so natural. This was great.


I had a beautiful Angel reading with Shantara! We connected through Zoom video, which  felt very personal and safe. Shantara held the space for me, and easily connected with the angels. Not only did she answer the questions I brought, but Shantara has a calm and comfortable presence and an ease in communicating what was to be said. She brought some sound healing too. And she gave me an empowering method to use in trusting my own guidance for answers, which I loved! Enlightening and powerful, I highly recommend Shantara for an Angel reading to help you stay connected with your truth and assist in answering your questions. I left the session feeling complete and stronger.

The bowls, with each tone and pitch, vibrated a different part of my body. It felt like an attunement. The chanting really brought it all together.  As soon as you started chanting, I felt light in every part of my body, all of my  cells were vibrating at the same frequency. It was so powerful and very unique.

My being became one with the sound. I had such a profound experience.
The sound felt like your paintings.

In the Angel Reading, Shantara offered beautiful insights and practical advice. It helped me see beyond my limiting ‘past stories’. The experience was clarifying and invigorating, and answered lots of questions.

I didn’t know what to expect, and this isn’t really my thing, but my chronic back and knee pain disappeared during the concert. I’m scheduled for knee surgery in a few weeks and now I’m wondering what to do!

My feet were inflamed and sore before the concert, but during the concert I felt my feet healing. Now all feeling is back in my feet and they feel much better.

From the very first sound, I saw so much color. The sounds are incredible!

My relationships are healing, just naturally, without any effort.

The private sessions are so transformative.

 I saw the sounds in a 3-D oval shape, and felt a distinct shift. My experience was very transformative.

I saw all the sound as light and color, some was subtle and some was intense. I don’t usually see sound, but I did during this concert. It looked like your paintings.

Your chanting was the most profound part [of the concert].

It just really touched me and was transformative.

When combined with focused intention, sound can penetrate our ordinary reality.

Using sound for healing is a way to come home to your heart and spirit, and to heal from the many challenges of life.