I very much appreciate the practice the angels taught me in the session to release my pain and to acknowledge myself. I wanted to learn how to heal myself and looked for a spiritual person who works with energy. Thank you, I’ll tell people about you!

Darling Shantara, THANK YOU – from the depth of my soul for your BEAUTIFUL guidance during the Angel Session today. I’m very grateful for all of your help. 

I will recommend you widely and wholeheartedly and be in touch soon for further guidance.
The [Angel] session was wonderful. It was not what I expected, it was great. 
It [Angel session] was great! I was so happy to connect with my [deceased] dog. The exercise to bring joy into my life the angels gave me – I’m going to do that. I’m excited to have joy back in my life. 
Thank you for the Angel session today. I feel that you were on the mark. You gave voice and verification and gave me what I need right now to move forward. You encouraged me to follow through with conscious actions and constructive movement! I appreciate your healing service and wisdom.

I learned more in one Angel Session with you than in years of therapy.

I’ve been to so many healers, shamans, therapists, etc. for help, and nothing touched me. Somehow, Shantara understood what was going on with me in the first session. She identified the core issue at the root of my problems and named it. And then she began to work on it in the sound sessions that followed. I felt a difference from that very first session. She is an angel! (After Angel Sessions).

I am eternally Grateful to Shantara for helping me excavate and invigorate my new found Life! You are a Tremendous Blessing for ushering humanity into our next evolution of potential! With Love and Gratitude, Alica C (After Angel Sessions)

Angel Sessions with Shantara have profoundly impacted my life. The insights and wisdom that have come out of each one of these sessions have brought me to a more open space and given me tools to navigate complex and stressful situations. I am also so grateful for the guided meditative imagery that Shantara led me through, as it has created space in my life for a more grounded relationship with the world around me. Through these sessions and since, I have begun to cultivate a sanctuary within myself that I can always go back to and that is truly remarkable.

I haven’t been this relaxed in years. It was amazing just to feel myself. What a transformation! (after a sound concert)

This is my fifth concert. As soon as the sound started, my breathing deepened without any effort. I have COPD, so this is significant. It felt so natural. This was great.

I had a beautiful Angel reading with Shantara! We connected through Zoom video, which  felt very personal and safe. Shantara held the space for me, and easily connected with the angels. Not only did she answer the questions I brought, but Shantara has a calm and comfortable presence and an ease in communicating what was to be said. She brought some sound healing too. And she gave me an empowering method to use in trusting my own guidance for answers, which I loved! Enlightening and powerful, I highly recommend Shantara for an Angel reading to help you stay connected with your truth and assist in answering your questions. I left the session feeling complete and stronger.

The bowls, with each tone and pitch, vibrated a different part of my body. It felt like an attunement. The chanting really brought it all together.  As soon as you started chanting, I felt light in every part of my body, all of my  cells were vibrating at the same frequency. It was so powerful and very unique.

My being became one with the sound. I had such a profound experience.
The sound felt like your paintings.

In the Angel Reading, Shantara offered beautiful insights and practical advice. It helped me see beyond my limiting ‘past stories’. The experience was clarifying and invigorating, and answered lots of questions.

My intention for using the sound was for something else, but during the concert I felt my feet healing. They were inflamed and sore before the concert, but all feeling came back into my feet and they feel much better.

From the very first sound, I saw so much color. The sounds are incredible!

My relationships are healing, just naturally, without any effort. The private sessions are so transformative.

I saw the sounds in a 3-D oval shape, and felt a distinct shift. My experience was very transformative.

I saw all the sound as light and color, some was subtle and some was intense. I don’t usually see sound, but I did during this concert. It looked like your paintings.

Your chanting was the most profound part [of the concert]. It just really touched me and was transformative.

Thank you so much for yesterday’s concert and the group conversation afterwards!  I truly enjoyed the entire experience.

As soon as the concert started, my physical pain went away, and was gone during the whole concert.

The concert was so intense, I felt the vibrations throughout my body. I became totally relaxed.

I could feel healing going through my (injured) arm. This was a wonderful experience.

The sound was so fluid, going through my head and body. This is different than the other sound healing I’ve been too. Much more sacred and healing. I feel like I am in a monastery.

Mind blowing. Can’t wait to come back.

I came for some physical healing. I was in such pain that I didn’t know if I would make it here tonight. As soon as the sound started, I felt this flood of energy – now the pain is totally gone. I’ll be back!

There was so much going on. I really felt the healing energy coming from Shantara.

I feel so much more peace. The sound went right into my gut, through my head, in my heart.

I come to these concerts regularly and now I just melt into it right away. Today I went so much deeper than ever before. Shantara really grounds us all right at the beginning and then I just went right into a deep state.

The experience was so beautiful and relaxing. I was in a place beyond words – I don’t know what to say, but it was so beautiful.

I feel the clearing and re-organization of my energy. I felt a great release of energy.

I felt connected to plants and trees, at one with their aliveness within the world. I changed my route home to driving home to streets that were lined with trees. I felt peaceful and full of love and joy from a new outlook.

I feel lighter in my heart, a lot of emotional healing happened.

This was my first time here, and it was quite profound. The sound felt like your paintings.

I haven’t been this relaxed in years. It was amazing just to feel myself.

Your singing was the most profound part both times I attended.

When combined with focused intention, sound can penetrate our ordinary reality.

Using sound for healing is a way to come home to your heart and spirit, and to heal from the many challenges of life.