Caring for Your Immune System

Above, sambucus cerelea, blue elderberry, an immune support superstar! 

March 3, 2020

Watching the unfolding events and responses to the coronavirus outbreak inspired me to share some thoughts on immune support. In addition to washing our hands and following the other prevention measures, we can be pro-active in becoming as strong as possible.

The best protection for our wellbeing on all levels is a strong immune system. We as human beings along with everything else alive including the plants, animals, birds, insects, and our precious earth, has an immune system. When you support your immune system, your immune system is there to support you when you need it. The immune system works on all levels: our bodies, our hearts, our minds and our spirits.

The immune system is like a reservoir, a reserve of strength to draw upon when we need it. And when we don’t need to draw on it, we can replenish and care for it.

There have always been viruses in this world. (We even created computer viruses soon after we created computers!) So this is nothing new. But it is up to us how we choose to respond.

Nature is so amazing. For every virus, illness or challenge we have on any level, nature says, “we have a plant for that”! Thankfully, the variety of plants in nature is as vast as the variety of problems we have.

I am in the process of planting a brand new garden, and of course, I have to plant my favorites. One is the elder, a true star of immune support. Elders grow all over North America and Europe. Here in the Pacific Northwest, sambucus cerelea, or blue elderberry, is the native variety. Elder flowers and berries are a fantastic anti-viral treatment, and are known to strengthen the immune system. The elder is aptly named, as it offers wisdom and protection on many levels. I chose this plant intentionally to put in an area of the yard that had been contentious from before I bought the property. It will be part of the immune system of my property, as it will make a symbolic statement of protection, wisdom and beauty. It will also be help protect my immune system as I make medicinal preparations with the berries. And it will be a source of food and habitat for the bees and birds. I can almost feel the excited anticipation of the birds that this great plant will soon be in their habitat. I’ve asked that they leave the lower berries please! If you are interested, you can buy elderberry tincture or syrup, or you can buy dried berries and make your own remedies.

Another plant for my new garden are sunflowers. Sunflowers remind everyone to be happy. They are not shy and can grow more than fourteen feet high! And, they provide many seeds for small animals and birds. Have you ever gazed at the pattern of sunflower seeds? They grow in a spiral that follow the Fibonacci sequence, or 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…I admire the geometric patterns in nature so much! Happiness boosts immunity too!

And, you can help your immunity by eating the most nourishing foods that make you feel your strongest. Listen to your body on what feels best. You can supplement your diet with herbs and plants that are here to help build up our strength and immune reserves. And deep rest, meditation, relaxation, and doing what you love. Being quiet in nature, sitting on a rock, or touching a tree, sitting on the ground with the plants, all strengthen us. And on the flip side, staying away from thoughts, things or people that bring you down is important. This includes fear, which lowers your immunity. When or if fear comes up, you can remind yourself that you are doing everything you can, and then breathe, relax and surrender. Ask the angels for help. You are much stronger when you are relaxed, and not stressed. You can intentionally minimize stress for yourself and others.

Another way to boost your immunity is through raising and strengthening your vibration. You can know yourself in relation to the higher frequencies. This happens in the sound healing concerts. We also reach states of being that are close to the angels. We are with them, as they are with us, sharing a beautiful state of silence together. This builds and strengthens your relationship with the angels. My direct line to the angels and departed loved ones is an essential part of my immune system. Even though I’m alone more often than not, I can feel loved to my core and guided, anywhere, anytime, just by asking. This is available to all of us, all the time, just remember to ask!