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Paintings of Sound & Energy

Vibrational Healing

Private Session

Private in-person sessions

Shantara is a born intuitive and empath, a Reiki Master and a Certified Sound Healer. She specializes in working with people who are ready to grow: out of pain, trauma, anxiety, or ready for a deeper connection. When you are ready to heal and transform, this ancient practice of vibrational healing can help you relieve pain, resolve core issues and restore harmony in your body, mind and life.

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Concerts with Class

These classes consist of vibrational healing and teachings that ground you in the practice of self-healing and meditation. They are fun and interactive, and empower you to incorporate what you learn into your daily life. Each class includes a direct experience of vibrational healing. Over time, meditation becomes second nature and a part of your life.

Zoom sessions

Private Virtual Sessions

Private intuitive counseling and vibrational healing sessions are available anywhere in the world through video meetings. These are live sessions followed up by a high-quality MP3 of the experience. 

Paintings of Sound & Energy

Paintings as Meditations

I am a life-long artist with a special focus on painting sound and energy. My paintings are meditations to remind you of that precious, deep state that always exists within you.

Paintings in your life

I have a large body of work ready for purchase. These paintings bring balance & healing to individuals, families and workplaces.

exhibits & shows

Shantara's paintings are collected internationally. Contact Shantara for a private showing.

                                                                                       Opera, 4′ x2′  Acrylic on canvas

Sound healing Testimonials

"I came originally for pain relief from arthritis in shoulder and neck. The level of pain relief was astounding. As I continued to receive sessions, I felt a connection with the aliveness of nature and the world. I connected with feelings of peace, love and joy. My relationships are all improving, without me focusing on them at all. I am continuing to transform, and see it in my life everyday"
Tim, Private Client
Accounting Professional
"Shantara's sessions have been more profound than any therapies I have tried for a chronic physiologic/emotional condition that I had for many years. I felt a change from the very first session, and every session there after built upon that."
Holly, Private Client
Registered Nurse

The latest in events & new meditations

Shantara Grace


I am fascinated by translating frequencies of sound, energies, and states of being into color. I offer customized paintings to bring balance & healing to individuals, families and workplaces. 


We are wired to respond to sounds and vibrations in our environment. The plethora of different textures of sounds in a forest or at the ocean help us to open up to our whole selves, feeling life beyond our minds. 


Private sessions are an immersive experience of sound healing tailored for you. These consist of intuitive counseling, Tibetan singing bowls and voice, to create a transformational healing. 

Concerts with Class

Each class is unique, with teachings about different aspects of using sound for healing and meditation. When you attend consistently, using these new skills in your life becomes second nature. A concert is part of each class.

"A series of private sessions gave me healing at deep levels, including my emotional and spiritual life.
My relationships changed without effort, I naturally began calming down and feeling at peace.
Soon I found my relationship with life itself transformed."