Voice of the Angels

Readings with the Angels

Angelic Sound Healings 

Paintings of Sound & Energy

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Voice of the Angels

Bring your specific questions and concerns to the Angels and be graced by their presence, wisdom and accuracy. 

These readings can include sound healing when requested, and are available anywhere in the world by phone.

You will receive a digital recording of the session.

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Angelic Sound Healing Concerts

Relax and enjoy the sounds of the singing bowls as the Angels fill the room and address each person’s concerns. The vibrations of the bowls relax your nervous system and allow stress to drain away. 

This is a restorative concert. Bring your intentions and healing prayers for yourself and the world.

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Paintings of Sound & Energy

These paintings each communicate a frequency, or energy that has never been captured this way before, making them true originals.

They are both vibrant and serene, each imbued with the energy of the Angels. They keep giving over time, as you discover new aspects of their essence, and as you change by being with them. 


"I’ve had the pleasure of coaching Shantara and have been blown away by her willingness to walk the talk, manifest her dreams, and share her heavenly gift. She is a pure and clear channel for the angelic realms, a gifted reader, sound healer, and artist. She is a shining light who will help you discover and experience love, truth, and inspiration in your own life.
She’s the real deal!"

– Ann Albers, Author, Angel Communicator, Spiritual Instructor, & Modern Mystic

For concert invitations, insights from the angels and special offers.

Shantara Grace

Voice of the Angels Readings, Sound Healings and Paintings

Angel Readings

Voice of the Angels Readings offer a rare chance to speak to and hear from the Angels directly. Bring a few questions on any topic and receive their grace, wisdom, and insight.

Sound Healing Private Sessions

This is a profound immersion experience in beautiful sound. As you instantly relax into this experience, the Angels work with you. This is a time of letting go, healing and renewal, all without effort.


Representations of sound, energy, and beautiful states of being fill these canvases. The Angels imbue their grace in each painting. They bring calm and vitality into homes and workplaces.

Angelic Sound Healing Concerts

When you come to a Meditation Concert, you experience spontaneous, effortless meditation and healing in a group setting. The Angels fill the room as you relax. Each concert is unique, customized to each group of people. When you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll know about all the concerts!